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Helping You Try To Resolve Transcript, Diploma And Financial Issues

Schools can attempt to withhold transcripts and other documentation, which can hinder your academic and career goals. If you’re having difficulty with your school regarding a transcript, diploma or other documentation, contact an experienced attorney.

Proof of your education is necessary to advance in the world, whether you are looking for a job or intend to obtain a higher degree. If you cannot gain access to that proof, the The Law Offices of Steve Rossi, P.A., can help you persuade your academic institution to give it to you.

An Aggressive Advocate On Your Side

Steve Rossi is a former FBI agent and prosecutor with more than 30 years of legal experience. Whether your educational credentials are being withheld for financial reasons or due to a past criminal record, he can help. His in-depth knowledge of education and school law, as well as the policies of Florida’s school districts and higher education institutions, can help you obtain your hard-won diploma or your transcripts, to show that your education is complete.

Steve Rossi has been successful in these and other situations:

  • Obtaining a diploma after finding out the school was not actually accredited
  • Obtaining a diploma or certification after completing a program but finding out that the school does not allow a student with a criminal record to graduate
  • Obtaining a diploma from a school that no longer offers a diploma upon graduation
  • Getting transcripts for students with outstanding financial obligations to the school
  • Correcting financial or educational obligations to obtain transcripts or diplomas

Putting Your Education Back In Your Hands

Many schools end up withholding transcripts and diplomas for inappropriate reasons. Working with an experienced lawyer can help you gain this important documentation quickly and efficiently. You worked hard to earn that knowledge; you deserve the recognition it brings and the advancement it can achieve.

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