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Advocating For Students, Parents And Staff In Public School Disputes

For public school educators and administrators, criminal charges can damage reputations and end careers. Whether allegations involve criminal activity on the job or outside of work, immediate education law-focused legal representation is needed. Proactive steps in securing legal counsel are vital to save not only legal fees but also a job.

Our firm, The Law Offices of Steve Rossi, P.A., represents students and educators in primary, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions. As a Florida education and school law attorney, Steve Rossi also represents graduate students, law students, medical students, educators and researchers, in various institutions of higher learning.

A Former Educator And FBI Agent Providing Aggressive Defense

Criminal accusations often take the form of assault and battery, inappropriate contact, sexual misconduct, and misuse of technology and social media. Drunk driving or drug possession charges that occur off school grounds can also carry grave consequences for an education professional, especially if they do not self-report certain arrests or offenses during a specific period of time under certain circumstances. Prosecutors will pursue criminal charges while administrators can take action that will affect the license status of the teacher, if not his or her overall job and career. They may deem a once-respected professional unfit to teach.

At The Law Offices of Steve Rossi, P.A., we understand these cases because our founder is a former educator, FBI agent and prosecutor who has represented individuals in state and federal court for over 35 years. Regardless of the severity of the criminal allegations, we often take a two-pronged approach to these complex legal problems.

The Skill And Experience Needed To Protect Careers

Criminal and noncriminal matters can do an equal amount of damage to a teacher’s career. Code of conduct and other ethical violations, such as providing answers to tests or straying from established course plans, may get the attention of peer teachers and principals. Whether our founder, Steve Rossi, is before a judge or an administrative board, he draws from his experience as an education attorney to provide an aggressive representation and pursues the best possible outcome on behalf of our clients in the education field.

Information About Public School Legal Issues

With the immense size and complexity of the public school system, many people will inevitably encounter a challenge within it. We can guide you through the education law requirements and help you understand your rights. Below, Mr. Rossi has provided the answers to a few commonly asked questions.

What happens if I receive an administrative complaint?

If the Department of Education sends you a notice, it means that it received a complaint against you, assessed the legality of the complaint and found probable cause to open a case against you. An investigator will begin or may already have begun looking into the evidence surrounding the complaint. Once the investigation is complete, you have the right to review the findings and address the accusation in an effort to protect your certification.

Why aren’t my administrators supporting me?

Public school districts and their administrators claim to care deeply about their teachers. They claim that they have the backs of their staff and will support them in the event of a dispute. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth. School districts have one priority: themselves. The administrators you admire, respect and trust will not hesitate to initiate harsh penalties against you, even if you know that you are in the right.

How will I pay for an education and school lawyer?

Although the cost of an education attorney might seem intimidating, the cost of losing your teaching career or your student’s academic career is much worse. Steve Rossi provides free initial consultations to all clients. He also prioritizes cost-effective legal services and strives to find resolutions to challenging issues as quickly as possible.

Ask About A Free Consultation With An Education Lawyer

The Law Offices of Steve Rossi, P.A., is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, with appointments available on Saturday. For more information or to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced South Florida public school lawyer, send us an email or call our Fort Lauderdale office toll-free at 888-674-2051.