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Disputes And Academic Issues Involving Private Schools

Private schools face many of the same challenges as their public school counterparts. Steve Rossi is an attorney whose practice at The Law Offices of Steve Rossi P.A., involves representing education professionals in civil, administrative and union-related matters, and parents and students in disciplinary actions.

Criminal charges and convictions can end promising careers. Unprofessional or unethical acts committed by teachers or administrators could lead to involvement by the Department of Education (DOE). Steve Rossi has advocated for various individuals associated with private or religious school issues, as well as a wide variety of other education law matters.

West Palm Beach Education Law Representation

While similarities exist with public schools, private educational institutions, students and their parents face unique issues. Teachers face the possible loss of licensure or certification for running afoul of licensing boards or state or federal law. Students and their parents may require help with disputes over school residency and disciplinary and tuition matters.

The Law Offices of Steve Rossi P.A., takes proactive steps to minimize the damage to reputations and careers.

An Aggressive Criminal Defense When Careers Are At Stake

Whether a crime was allegedly committed on or off school premises, severe consequences await an education professional. Bad situations become worse when educators do not self-report certain criminal offenses. Fort Lauderdale education lawyer Steve Rossi handles various aspects and details of cases involving prosecutors pursuing misdemeanor or felony charges against individuals associated with school law issues and in representing individuals before administrative boards or before the Department of Education. He has handled situations where the school district or school or state has sought to suspend or revoke the license of an educator because of various criminal offenses including but not limited to:

  • Assault and battery
  • Drunk driving
  • Drug possession
  • Inappropriate contact
  • Sexual misconduct

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