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When There Are Conflicts Regarding An Individual Education Plan

Individual education plans, or IEPs, are put in place to help teachers and students alike. Unfortunately, when a child is assessed incorrectly or when a teacher does not understand the full extent of the IEP, conflicts can arise that can cause students to be labeled “bad kids” and teachers to be reprimanded for inappropriate behavior, all due to a misunderstanding.

The Law Offices of Steve Rossi, P.A., has been helping teachers and parents in Florida deal with special education, student disability issues and other education law matters for more than 30 years. By ensuring that both sides understand what is going on, many of these issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. If problems have progressed beyond the point of a simple fix, attorney Steve Rossi has the experience and knowledge to represent you at hearings and to help you through an appeals process, when necessary.

I Am Dealing With An IEP Conflict, What Do I Do?

Many teachers and non-instructional staff find themselves being reprimanded or even suspended because they were unaware of all of the information included in the IEP, or because the child in question was not assessed correctly and his or her behavioral issues were not addressed.

Steve Rossi can help you defend your reputation as a teacher and find a solution that works for you, for the school and for the child and his or her parents. Frequently, this is done through negotiation with all parties. If the issue results in certification suspension or job loss, Mr. Rossi can represent you or guide you through the process of an appeal.

I Need Help Getting My Child’s Disability Accommodated

It can be difficult to get any school, public, private or charter, to assess a child for an IEP. It is also challenging to get the schools to follow the plan closely to ensure that child receives a quality education and gets the special education services they need . If your child is labeled a “problem child,” and is regularly disciplined for something he or she cannot control, it can become part of his or her permanent record and can affect the rest of his or her educational career.

Steve Rossi will help you put an IEP in place and ensure that it is done correctly so the school and the teachers understand your child’s particular needs. Enlisting a lawyer’s help shows the school that you are serious about getting your child the help he or she needs.

Your child’s future is at stake. Let Steve Rossi help you find a solution.

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