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If You Or Your Child Is Involved In Accusations Of Assault In School

Assault on a student is a very serious matter, whether you are a teacher, staff member or student accused of assault, or your child is a victim. To ensure that you are taken seriously, and especially if you face potential criminal charges, you should enlist the help of a lawyer.

The Law Offices of Steve Rossi, P.A., has experience in handling the civil and criminal aspects of assault cases involving students all over Florida. Steve Rossi is a former FBI agent and a former prosecutor for the Broward County Office of the State Attorney. He has practiced law for more than three decades and has successfully protected the rights of students, school staff and teachers involved in accusations of assault.

Assault Between Student And Teacher Or Staff Member

When a teacher or staff member is accused of physical or sexual assault on a student, the consequences can be dire, regardless of the outcome. Teachers risk losing their certifications and their jobs. An adult accused of any form of child abuse risks permanent damage to his or her reputation as well as a potential permanent mark on his or her record.

Steve Rossi ardently defends your rights in criminal and civil court cases. He will do his utmost to protect your reputation and get you reinstated to your job if you were wrongly accused. His experience as a trial attorney gives him the knowledge and skill to help you overcome these accusations and mitigate the damage to your future.

Assault Between Students

Many people feel that students leave their constitutional rights at the school door. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If your child has been assaulted by another student at school, you have every right to pursue justice for him or her.

If your child has been accused of assaulting another student, especially if he or she faces expulsion, you need to act quickly to clear his or her name. Expulsion frequently results in a permanent negative mark on a student’s record and can make it very difficult to enroll your child in any other school, damaging his or her ability to receive a quality education.

Mr. Rossi investigates all allegations of student-on-student assault thoroughly, interviewing witnesses and reviewing surveillance video of the altercation. He and his team are diligent in protecting your child’s rights and future.

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