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We Are With You Every Step Of The Way

We Are With You Every Step Of The Way

Licensing Defense For Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers And Other Florida Professionals

Sometimes, careers require a professional license. Often, a lot of time, energy and education can go into getting that license. But if you find yourself facing any sort of disciplinary proceedings, civil penalties or criminal charges, your license could be threatened – along with your hard-earned job.

At The Law Offices of Steve Rossi, P.A., in Fort Lauderdale, you will find the strong professional license defense counsel you need. Our founder, professional license defense attorney Steve Rossi, has spent more than 35 years helping professionals throughout Florida who face the loss of their careers due to an investigation, lawsuit or criminal accusation.

Helping Professionals Defend Their Florida License

Accusations of misconduct, a disciplinary proceeding before an administrative board or criminal charges can threaten a lot of different professional licenses. A few of the professions we regularly work with include:

  • Physicians, nurses, dentists and other health care practitioners
  • Public and private school teachers, professors, tutors, coaches
  • Psychologists, counselors, therapist, social workers
  • Accountants, CPAs, real estate agents, corporate officers, financial advisers
  • Lawyers, judges, paralegals and other licensed professionals

We understand the need to act proactively whenever possible rather than reactively. Our team strives to keep costs low and provide efficient services so we can resolve your concerns quickly and cost-effectively.

Taking On Numerous Professional Associations

Mr. Rossi has represented clients before numerous organizations and boards, including the Florida Certification Board, the Florida Department of Health, the Florida Education Association and the Florida Board of Medicine, just to name a few. He has particular knowledge of education and school law from his previous career as an educator and his time representing one of Florida’s largest education unions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Professional License Disciplinary Actions

If you are facing disciplinary action in your profession, you probably have a lot of questions. Here, our experienced attorneys answer some of the most common questions. For answers to your specific questions, our firm offers a free consultation appointment.

What prompts a disciplinary investigation?

It depends on the facts and circumstances of your situation, but most professions that require state licenses have procedures for filing complaints. For example, Florida’s Bar Division of Lawyer Regulation will accept complaints against lawyers. The Florida Department of Health will accept complaints about doctors and nurses. The Florida Board of Medicine oversees complaints about doctors and the Florida Board of Nursing oversees complaints about nurses.

What does a disciplinary action involve?

Once a complaint has been filed with your profession’s disciplinary board or committee, that complaint will be investigated and at some point, you will receive notice and given a chance to respond to the allegations in the complaint. Every profession will have its own rules and procedures for investigating complaints and proceeding with an action for discipline. If you believe that you are being investigated for a complaint or have received a notice from your licensing or professional board, seeking the advice of an experienced licensing defense attorney will help you take a proactive approach to the proceedings.

What are the possible outcomes of a disciplinary action?

Depending on your profession, there are several different possible outcomes of a disciplinary proceedings. These can include verbal reprimands, written reprimands and license suspension. Any of these can lead to termination of your employment in your current job, and make it difficult to find another. An experienced license defense lawyer can help protect your rights and minimize the potential damage of a disciplinary action.

Will I have to report the outcome of my disciplinary action to another state?

Most likely, yes. Each profession has its own set of rules and procedures, but if you are licensed to practice your profession in more than one state and are disciplined, you will be required to report the outcome of your disciplinary proceedings to the licensing board in the other state.

Knowledge Of Investigations From Both Sides

Mr. Rossi is also a board-certified criminal trial attorney, a former prosecutor and a former FBI agent. From his prior experience, he understands investigations, discovery and how to put together a successful defense strategy. Whether it is a lawsuit, disciplinary hearing or even a criminal charge that you face, he has extensive knowledge and positive results you can rely on for your defense.

Consult A License Defense Lawyer For Free

Your career is too precious to leave to chance. Work with The Law Offices of Steve Rossi, P.A., for the defense you deserve – and need. To begin, please call our Fort Lauderdale office toll-free at 888-674-2051 or send us an email to schedule a confidential and free initial consultation.