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Fort Lauderdale Education Law Blog

The long-lasting impact of childhood bullying

Countless adults can readily recount stories where they were bullied or harassed as children in school. And while many have moved on from such mistreatment, not everyone is able or willing to. 

In fact, as noted in a recent Yahoo! article about the effects of bullying, victims of bullying can suffer mental health problems for the rest of their lives. 

Charter school facing immediate closure by district

Parents of 273 students in Florida recently learned that they will need to find a new school for their children before the upcoming school year. The reason why? The charter school at which their children are enrolled will likely not be open. 

According to reports, district leaders are attempting to shut down Eagle Arts Academy, which was reportedly once among the largest charter schools in the country. Efforts to close the school immediately stem from allegations that it poses an "immediate and serious danger" to students. 

How shifting laws can affect prepaid college plans

Planning for your child’s college tuition can be one of the most stressful tasks as a parent. With how most universities are getting harder to afford, many parents try to find easy and affordable ways to financially prepare for their child’s future education.

Some parents begin to invest in a Florida Prepaid tuition plan soon after their child enters the world. The purpose of the Prepaid plan is to allow families the chance to lock in college plan prices and prepay college expenses on a monthly or annual basis. If your child decides to attend an out-of-state college, it would pay the same amount as a public college or university in Florida.

Kids aren't the only bullies your child could face at school

When parents send kids to school, they do so hoping their child has fun and learns a few things. Unfortunately, both of those goals can be in jeopardy if someone is harassing or mistreating a child at school.

Bullying is not uncommon, despite massive educational campaigns and laws that directly prohibit such behaviors. And the problem doesn't start and end with kids who may not know better, either. In some cases, the bully is an adult who is supposed to teach and care for students. 

False assault allegations against teachers have consequences

The relationship between students and teachers is a fragile one; when it is good, it can be very positive. However, if one party crosses a line or does something the other party doesn't like, these connections can become dangerous and possibly unlawful. In some cases, a teacher could wind up accused of physical or sexual assault.

When a student accuses a teacher of assault, it is not unusual for the teacher to face immediate -- and upsetting -- consequences. This can happen even if the allegations are untrue. 

Tips for helping children with IEPs during the summer

Most kids in Florida have been out of school for weeks now. School is likely the last thing on a child's mind during this time of year, but many parents prefer to keep learning opportunities going all summer long.

This can be a challenge for any parent, but if your child has special educational needs and an Individualized Education Program, it can be particularly difficult to know what you can be doing during the summer to help your child. Below are a few tips for parents in this situation.

State teachers' unions sue over provision in new education law

This spring, Gov. Rick Scott signed an education bill into law amid controversy that centered in part on a provision involving teachers' unions. Now the Florida Education Association (FEA) and local unions are challenging the constitutionality of that law.

The defendants named in the suit are the Florida Public Employee Relations Commission members whose job it is to enforce the law. The plaintiffs assert that the provision regarding teachers' unions is intended to "bust" these unions. FEA's president calls the law a "very targeted attack on public school teachers' rights."

Miami-Dade teacher under investigation for bullying

As a Florida parent, you should expect your child’s teachers to set an example of good behavior to their students. Since schools have a large potential to house numerous bullying cases, it is important to promote a toxic-free environment. Failure to do so can have serious ramifications on your child’s academic and emotional state.

According to a report from June 29, a student of the Miami-Dade County Public School District experienced those consequences. A teacher working there faces accusations of belittling and bullying a 5 year-old boy in her classroom.

Lack of education funding leaves parents with extra costs

Covering the costs of a child's education can be a constant struggle for any parent, but it is especially challenging for parents of children with disabilities and special academic needs.

In some areas across Florida, parents get considerable relief from a child's school and school district. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Too often, parents wind up having to cover extra costs to provide the things a student needs and deserves.

5 policies driving racial inequality at charter schools

Every student deserves a solid education. Unfortunately, the reality is that many students miss out on academic opportunities and resources for reasons beyond their control, from where they live to the color of their skin.

This is a pervasive problem for all types of school, including charter schools. And to make matters worse, there are some charter schools that intentionally (or knowingly) put in place policies that discriminate against certain types of students.