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Defense For The Serious Issue Of Teacher Liability

Teachers face liability issues 24 hours a day, in or out of school. As an educator, you could be exposed to legal actions that can incur administrative, civil and criminal liability. If a student or staff member makes an accusation against you, an experienced Florida attorney can help you safeguard your contractual, statutory and constitutional rights.

At our Fort Lauderdale firm, The Law Offices of Steve Rossi, P.A., our team has worked with many teachers to preserve their reputations and overcome teacher liability issues in a wide variety of education law matters. Our founder, Steve Rossi, has been a Florida education and school lawyer for over 35 years. 

Outstanding Education Law Experience

Our team understand the different levels of liability you face and how to address each situation. As an education and school law attorney, Mr. Rossi has helped teachers overcome liability issues involving:

  • Breaking up or not breaking up student fights
  • Improper use of school equipment
  • Allowing students to use your computer
  • DUI charges
  • Other criminal charges
  • Other civil charges

Formerly, Steve served as legal counsel for the second-largest teachers union in the state and the sixth-largest in the country. He is a former FBI agent and prosecutor as well as a board-certified criminal trial attorney. He has presented workshops and seminars on teacher liability issues at new teacher orientations and assists educators faced with civil, administrative and criminal issues.

Defending Your Certification From All Accusations

If you face any criminal charge, you risk losing your job and your teaching certification. Even if you are found not guilty of a criminal charge, a school district and the Florida Department of Education can still pursue action against your teaching certification. Civil issues may cause the same problems. A complaint from a parent or a violation of the code of conduct can cause as much trouble as a criminal accusation.

There are many layers of liability depending on your facts, you need the help of a skilled and seasoned attorney to help you get through them as successfully as possible. Attorney Rossi and the rest of our team can guide you through the legal process and strive to work out a resolution for your matter. He will attend court appearances and hearings with you and negotiate on your behalf to find an efficient resolution to the problems you face. If needed, he uses his skill as a trial lawyer to fight for your rights and your career so you can keep doing what you love.

Come Forward With Your Questions

It is normal to feel afraid if you have come up against a liability issue. We can provide the information you need to understand the law and your options better. If you have questions, you can find our answers to some common ones below.

What are the most frequent complaints against teachers?

Teachers may face formal complaints for variety of reasons. Some of the most common include:

While many complaints against teachers are warranted, some disgruntled parents or staff members file unfounded or outright false complaints.

Can parents sue individual teachers?

Yes – and in today’s litigious society, lawsuits against teachers are becoming more and more common. In Florida, parents of students have the right to file lawsuits against individual educators alleging intentional torts or negligent torts.

Is it worth it to hire an education lawyer?

Many teachers make the mistake of placing their faith in the school district and the Department of Education to work things out favorably. These entities do not prioritize the well-being of teachers, as much as they might claim to. They care about their own reputation and liability too much to advocate for yours. If you value your role as an educator that you worked so hard to achieve, you need the advocacy of an education law attorney who is ready to protect you aggressively.

Our firm provides cost-effective services plus offers free initial consults. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting us to ask more questions about teacher liability issues.

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