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Helping You Address Bullying, Harassment And Discrimination Problems

All three of these issues are hot buttons in schools these days. Bullying and harassment are in the news on a regular basis. Adults and children alike face discrimination in school. There are legal remedies to these issues that you have every right to pursue on your own behalf or on behalf of your child.

Most people don’t know their rights when it comes to dealing with schools and school districts. The The Law Offices of Steve Rossi P.A., can help you understand those rights and pursue them to prevent further harm to yourself or your child. Attorney Steve Rossi has represented many teachers, staff and students in education law issues, including these three areas, for more than 30 years.

Ways To Resolve Issues Of Bullying And Harassment

Florida has very strict anti-bullying laws in place. The difficulty frequently lies in getting a school to take cases of bullying and harassment seriously and stop the situation. Frequently, the best approach is to work with an attorney to rectify the situation.

Steve Rossi has used these and other techniques to resolve issues of school bullying and harassment against students, teachers and staff in school:

  • Direct negotiation with the school and the bully’s parents
  • Restraining orders
  • Criminal charges when physical or sexual assault occurs
  • Litigation against the bully’s parents
  • Holding the school responsible if something happens to your child or to you

Steve Rossi’s goal is to ensure that victims have the ability to fight the bully and the school’s lack of action on legal grounds. By showing negligence on the part of the school and the bully’s parents, as well as pressing criminal charges when necessary, many avenues are open to prevent this negative behavior from continuing and from happening to others.

Discrimination Issues In School

Adults and children both face discrimination in school. Adults can face discrimination from students and from other teachers and administrators.

Steve Rossi pursues the legal remedies appropriate to the discrimination the individual is facing to bring an end to the discrimination. Where necessary, he uses his skill as a trial lawyer to bring about a change in school policies.

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