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Teachers Facing School Or Department Of Education Investigation Or Sanctions Have Rights

False accusations can not only damage your career and reputation but can also result in the loss of your job, your teaching certificate and the possibility of incarceration. When facing one or more of these potential consequences, an experienced lawyer can help.

Your education law concerns will be addressed by attorney Steve Rossi at the The Law Offices of Steve Rossi, P.A.. The firm represents Florida teachers who risk losing their teaching certificates for any number of reasons, including:

  • School and department of education investigations
  • Pre-disciplinary conferences and hearings
  • Investigative statements
  • Professional standards committee hearings
  • School board hearings
  • Education practices commissions hearings
  • Election of rights representation
  • Self-reporting issues
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Civil hearings
  • Administrative hearings
  • Criminal hearings
  • Division of administrative hearing matters
  • Trials

Steve Rossi is a former legal counsel for the second largest teacher’s union in the state and the sixth-largest in the country. He is a former FBI agent and prosecutor, as well as a board-certified criminal trial lawyer. He has been an attorney for over 30 years. Attorney Steve Rossi understands what is at stake and will fight for your right to an appeal of your teacher suspension or the revocation of your teaching certificate.

Your Rights Vs. A Certification Investigation

When a certification investigation is conducted, it involves a lengthy process with various stages. All of these have a potential negative impact on your career and your future.

An investigation can damage your relationship with your students and their parents, with the school and with the school district, and it may result in a permanent black mark on your record. If criminal charges are brought against you, they will add another layer to the already difficult and frustrating process.

Steve Rossi will represent you through all of these stages. He uses his extensive trial experience and knowledge of school district policies all over the state to find the best possible solution to your situation. His skill as a criminal defense lawyer will protect your rights and your freedom if your case involves criminal charges.

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