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Talk To A Lawyer About Your Rights Regarding Suspension And Expulsion In Florida

Most teachers, parents and students do not realize that they have the right to an appeal if they are facing suspension or expulsion from school or from their teaching jobs. Students and their parents are often not fully informed of their rights to possible appeals by schools or school districts. But we will tell you what the school district may not want you to hear.

A suspension, dismissal or expulsion can negatively become part of your academic record. You have rights, even when facing a disciplinary hearing from a school administrator or school district. Our team at The Law Offices of Steve Rossi, P.A., can help you enforce those rights and prevent your career or your education from being ruined by an accusation that may or may not be valid.

Our founder, Steve Rossi, is a former legal counsel for the second-largest teachers union in the state and the sixth-largest in the country. He is also a former FBI agent and prosecutor, as well as a board-certified criminal trial lawyer. He has been an attorney for over 30 years and focuses on school law. Mr. Rossi has handled administrative, civil and criminal proceedings surrounding academic suspensions, dismissals and expulsions. Early intervention can possibly save you money and preserve certain time-restrictive rights. Our team can help guide you in the process.

Suspension And Expulsion For Students

A suspension or expulsion becomes a permanent mark on your educational record, whether you are in grade school, high school or college. Unfortunately, this can mean your future is damaged by this one mistake, whether it was warranted or not.

Parents should realize that they have the right to call for an appeal of their child’s suspension or expulsion. But they need to act fast. There are time limits on when you can appeal a decision, and you must enlist the help of our attorneys to guide you through the process quickly or lose the chance to save your child’s reputation.

Suspension For Teachers

Typically a teacher suspension comes about as a violation of a Florida code of conduct or a school board policy, or due to criminal conduct in or out of the classroom. In most cases, there is little to no investigation of the matter, and a teacher is suspended outright, regardless of the evidence.

Our team will conduct a thorough investigation of the accusations against you and work to show the injustice of these allegations. We strive to get your employer to reinstate you to your job or, failing that, allow you to resign retroactively with no damage to your reputation, making it possible for you to continue in your chosen career without a black mark on your record.

Don’t Forfeit Rights That You May Have When Facing Discipline From A School Or School District

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