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Teacher faces career-related consequences in Florida

There are a number of things that can result in you losing your job. In the case of this teacher in Florida, forcing a student to clean a urinal has forced her to deal with career-related consequences that she probably didn't expect. So far, the school where she teaches has not responded to the news, but the woman has been arrested and could face serious charges.

In this incident, a 10-year-old student had allegedly clogged a urinal, and the teacher made him unclog it. Reportedly, the boy had cleaned it out with his bare hands, resulting in them being covered in his own urine. The cleaning was part of a punishment, but it wasn't reported on whether he had clogged the urinal on purpose or accidentally.

Still, despite no serious harm coming to the child, the teacher was arrested for the punishment. The school allegedly only learned about the punishment when the boy headed to the office to get some soap; now he claims he's teased and embarrassed about the situation. His family didn't take the punishment lightly, and the boy's mother reported that she felt the punishment was irresponsible. The child's family has hired an attorney, according to the reports.

His mother claims that this kind of punishment shouldn't be given to any child, and she doesn't want it to happen again. So far, the school hasn't commented, and this story has only been heard from one side. The teacher, however, is facing real repercussions while waiting to have her story heard; she's facing a charge of battery of child by exposure to urine. If she's charged, it could lead to problems with keeping her job or other fines or penalties.

Source: Fox News, "Florida teacher accused of forcing student to clean urinal with bare hands" No author given, Feb. 20, 2014

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