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Posts tagged "Education Law"

School vs. students: Who is telling the truth?

When there is a dispute involving students, teachers and school administrators, everyone is likely to have different versions of what happened. Under these circumstances, finding out the truth will be crucial in determining what -- if any -- punishment is appropriate.

Examining 504 plans

If your child struggles in the academic environment but does not qualify for special education resources like an Individualized Education Plan, parents may want to examine having a 504 plan.

Tensions run high when students, teachers clash

The relationship between students and teachers can be incredibly powerful. Sometimes, it is positive and life-changing; other times, it is negative and perhaps toxic. In cases of the latter, these relationships can do more than destroy a person's classroom experience. They can also ruin a person's reputation and leave a stain on his or her criminal record. 

Public school teachers removed after evaluations

Florida school officials are causing confusion and concern over their decision to remove teachers from the classroom based on certain evaluation scores. While all public school teachers are evaluated periodically, those in failing schools may be under particular scrutiny. At about halfway through this school year, some are concerned that removing teachers may be disruptive to students. However, it may be even more disruptive to the teachers who are not necessarily doing a poor job but are certainly dealing with high-risk students.

When perfection becomes a hindrance for students

There are some students who strive to be "perfect." They want perfect attendance, a perfect score on a test or a perfect academic experience to put into a college application. While some people admire young students for this type of determination, there are some students for whom perfectionism is a hindrance to their learning.