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Helping students with histories of trauma excel in the classroom

Students with histories of trauma can struggle to be successful in the classroom. Unfortunately, a number of educators are not trained to help students who have been traumatized. But this may soon change. Recent school shootings are shifting the way that schools approach trauma and more districts are asking what they can do.

Fighting Suspensions: 3 Questions To Ask

Your child, a high school student, was given an out-of-school suspension following a behavior issue in class. The teacher was fed up with your child “disrupting” by talking back and questioning authority and recommended a suspension as the solution.

Childhood aggression may have a hidden cause

You find yourself at the end of your rope. Your child repeatedly gets in trouble at school and lashes out, perhaps violently, at the slightest provocation. You’ve tried time-outs and revoked their internet or television privileges to no avail. Nothing seems to correct their bad behavior at school.

5 Signs of a Great Online School

Are you looking for an exceptional online school for your child? You're not alone. Enrollment at online schools has rapidly increased during the last decade. While some families have had great experiences with online schools, others have run into serious problems that jeopardized their children's ability to graduate and earn a valid diploma. Here are five signs of a great online school, and a few tips along the way to avoid questionable online educational institutions.

Are Florida tests discriminatory?

For families that speak a language other than English, the education system can be difficult to navigate. While America has no national official language, the majority of schools teach primarily in English, which can especially hurt Florida’s Spanish-speaking families.