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Florida art teacher suspended for video

A high school art teacher at Western High School in Davie, FL has been suspended for three days in connection with a video she showed to her students. The video, which contained images of nude models, has been called suggestive. The classes that viewed it were creative photography classes, and the teacher admitted that she previewed the video before showing it. She knew that it contained nude images.

The Broward County School Board received an administrative complaint. While the actual name of the video was not included, the students who saw it claimed that the images were a featured collection by a photographer.

The teacher was suspended and accused of misconduct in office, incompetence and willful neglect of duty. She is defended those accusations with the assistance of the Broward Teachers Union, and will testify before an administrative law judge. If she is found to be in violation of the accusations, the teacher will likely face termination by the school board. In this particular case, she has taught in Broward County schools since 1992.

An education law attorney can be a great source of advice and guidance in these types of matters. He or she will make sure an educator's rights are fully protected, and that a fair hearing takes place. It is wise to retain legal counsel even if only appearing before an administrative law judge. It is still a legal proceeding that will contain plenty of legal jargon. Make sure there is someone present who will fully and clearly explain to you what is happening as it takes place, not after the fact when decisions cannot be reversed.

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