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April 2019 Archives

Florida Virtual School in a state of chaos

In an article published in The Orlando Sentinel on April 14th, it is quite evident that Florida's virtual school has been, and still is, in crisis. Former Florida governor Rick Scott, who was also a personal friend, instilled top level authority in prominent Orlando attorney Frank Kruppenbacher. That authority created a clash with the school's top executive, Robert Porter. So much, in fact, that Porter made the decision in August 2018 to launch an investigation into Kruppenbacher's conduct on several levels. In an unexpected turn of events, Robert Porter sadly and very unexpectedly passed away from a sudden heart attack last month.

Florida art teacher suspended for video

A high school art teacher at Western High School in Davie, FL has been suspended for three days in connection with a video she showed to her students. The video, which contained images of nude models, has been called suggestive. The classes that viewed it were creative photography classes, and the teacher admitted that she previewed the video before showing it. She knew that it contained nude images.

Court orders reinstatement of former Florida principal

A federal judge in Fort Myers, FL ordered that a former middle school principal be temporarily reinstated pending the outcome of her case. Collier County Public Schools have decided to return her to a different role titled "administrator on special assignment," rather than her former role of principal at Manatee Middle School. However, her attorney states this could violate the court order.

Changing grades requires faculty communication

Choosing to alter a student’s grade after a low score on a test or assignment is always a controversial subject among teachers. They want their students to succeed to demonstrate that they are learning the material properly and that they are ready for the next step in the learning process.