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Medical marijuana to be given by parents or caregivers only

The Palm Beach County School District has proposed that only parents or caregivers be allowed to administer medical marijuana on school property. The proposal comes after the school district was sued in February 2019 by a Royal Palm Beach couple who were unable to leave work and return to the school to administer marijuana medication to their epileptic son during the day. The child is prescribed the medication three times per day to control seizures. However, both parents work 45 minutes away and it was their request for school personnel to administer the pills. The policy is set for vote in April 2019.

State law dictates that only parents or caregivers administer medical marijuana, in addition to some other strict guidelines. The child must be listed on the state registry, have a patient identification card on them at all times and would under no circumstance be allowed to share the drug with teachers or other students. However, state law also requires that school districts form their own policies regarding the medication. Therein is where the confusion lies for many families.

The proposal by the Palm Beach County School District also limits the delivery method for the drug. It would only be allowed to be administered in a per dose manner, meaning that any method such as vaping or patches which offer continuous delivery would be banned. Further, the student would not be allowed to carry the drug around the school campus.

If you are a family who have been unable to come to an agreement with your child's school district regarding the administration of medical marijuana for medical conditions such as epilepsy, Crohn's disease or multiple sclerosis, consulting with a knowledgeable education attorney can help determine what your best options are to resolve the issues and ensure your child is kept safe.

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