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Florida teacher angers parents with non-approved book

A Florida first-grade teacher, though he will not face any official disciplinary measures, has received strong backlash from parents after reading a controversial book to the class. The book was not part of the school curriculum and was not approved by supervisors prior to the reading.

The book, titled "Last week Tonight with John Oliver Presents a Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo," is a picture book about two gay bunnies. The teacher claimed that he thought it would provide a "positive teaching moment" after overhearing two students discussing two women who wanted to marry each other. It is touted by Common Sense Media as a "cute, funny, and inclusive picture book" with a positive message about celebrating who you are and loving who you want. John Oliver is a comedian, and this book is actually a parody of a book originally authored by Vice President Mike Pence's daughter.

Two parents of students, as well as a grandparent, complained to the Seminole County school district about the reading. The grandparent went as far as to claim that the book was pornographic and had the school transfer the child out of the teacher's class, claiming that he feared for his grandson's safety. The other parents were satisfied with the inquiry and reprimand by the school district.

If a child has been exposed to material or propaganda that is not part of an approved curriculum, consulting with a knowledgeable education attorney can help determine what, if any, remedies are available. Parents should be able to confidently send their children to a classroom with a teacher they can trust.

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