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Florida lawmakers aim to have more career education in school

One of the most common complaints that both students and parents have towards high school is how it doesn’t prepare the student enough for what comes after graduation. They are unsure if they want to attend college or not, and some that go may not know what they want to major in right away. By the time they realized they made a mistake in the process, it might already be too late.

Florida’s lawmakers have recognized that this is a major issue and have recently proposed a bill to try and remedy it. This bill was approved unanimously by a House education subcommittee as they believe it will not only satisfy more parents and students, but it will also help fill thousands of jobs Florida needs to improve their economy in the next decade. While the bill hasn’t fully become law yet, parents should learn what changes that the bill’s creators are hoping to put into the schools.

More relevant options

The new bill would affect both high school and middle school students. Middle school students would take a career planning course which includes a personalized educational and career plan. Since they have more class options in high school, lawmakers are hoping that this would make them approach their decisions more carefully in the near future.

As for high school students, they could substitute certain academic requirements for graduation in favor of more career-focused opportunities. For example, they could take a credit in computer science to make up for a mathematics course that isn’t Algebra I or Geometry. That option has plenty of appeal for both parents and students that don’t find as much value in Algebra II.

Additionally, the bill tries to set new regulations for career dual enrollment programs, hoping to make it more applicable to graduation credits and clarifying to parents what it can do for their children.

The quick approval of this bill by the House shows how passionate Florida’s lawmakers are towards giving students options to make their career paths slightly easier to choose from. Whether or not the bill ends up passing, parents will still have plenty of questions towards what programs and classes are applicable towards their child’s high school and college credits. Consider contacting an education law attorney to help clarify these options and help you if a school isn’t accepting legitimate credits.

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