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Establishing Florida residency for school tuition purposes

Tuition at many Florida colleges is far from cheap, whether paying in-state or out-of-state rates. However, establishing in state residency means a savings of literally thousands of dollars over the course of a college career. Students who wish to establish such have a strict set of statutes and guidelines that must be met.

All students are required to submit documentation proving residency to their college of choice. The type of documentation required depends on whether the student is dependent or independent. Also, potential students who will be new to the state of Florida will require additional documentation. Enrollment in a college within the state is not sufficient for residency purposes.

The statutes which encompass residency guidelines for tuition purposes are multi-layered and complex. They address a multitude of various situations, including different family living scenarios, part-time versus full-time residency and citizenship issues. Further, they set out determination guidelines for whether a student should be considered dependent or independent. All of these matters should be verified and discussed with a school admission representative in detail prior to any final decisions to relocate or attend a school. No family wants to incur the expense of relocating a child for college only to discover that he or she will not receive financial or tuition assistance due to residency issues.

An education attorney can help make sense of the many layers of these rules. Should problems arise with obtaining accurate documentation, he or she will be able to assist. In addition, an attorney may communicate with admission personnel on your behalf, thereby alleviating undue stress and misunderstandings. The start of college should be an exciting and memorable time. Do not allow admission and tuition snafus to steal your joy. Call for help!

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