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March 2019 Archives

Establishing Florida residency for school tuition purposes

Tuition at many Florida colleges is far from cheap, whether paying in-state or out-of-state rates. However, establishing in state residency means a savings of literally thousands of dollars over the course of a college career. Students who wish to establish such have a strict set of statutes and guidelines that must be met.

Florida teacher angers parents with non-approved book

A Florida first-grade teacher, though he will not face any official disciplinary measures, has received strong backlash from parents after reading a controversial book to the class. The book was not part of the school curriculum and was not approved by supervisors prior to the reading.

Florida lawmakers aim to have more career education in school

One of the most common complaints that both students and parents have towards high school is how it doesn’t prepare the student enough for what comes after graduation. They are unsure if they want to attend college or not, and some that go may not know what they want to major in right away. By the time they realized they made a mistake in the process, it might already be too late.

Medical marijuana to be given by parents or caregivers only

The Palm Beach County School District has proposed that only parents or caregivers be allowed to administer medical marijuana on school property. The proposal comes after the school district was sued in February 2019 by a Royal Palm Beach couple who were unable to leave work and return to the school to administer marijuana medication to their epileptic son during the day. The child is prescribed the medication three times per day to control seizures. However, both parents work 45 minutes away and it was their request for school personnel to administer the pills. The policy is set for vote in April 2019.