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Report shows shift in Florida education landscape

Did you know that nearly half of students in Florida go to a school of their choice? This is according to a recent report showing that over 47 percent of students (PreK-12) attend a school outside their neighborhood schools.

Also notable from the report is the fact that charter schools are the most popular type of school among those who choose. During the 2017-2018 school year, more students attended charter schools than choice and magnet programs, open enrollment and private schools. 

The pros and cons of choice

Being able to choose the school your child attends can be immensely valuable for students who excel in certain areas or under certain approaches. However, it can still present some complications for parents and students alike. 

For instance, there can be obstacles in the enrollment or eligibility process for these schools. And once a child gets in, it can be a struggle for parents to ensure their child is receiving all the offerings promised by the school.

Further, charter and private schools typically have different rules and regulations when it comes to how they operate. This can present some challenges for parents, students and faculty when it comes to understanding what they can and cannot do.

Protecting yourself and your child

Being able to choose a school for your child can give parents great relief that they have a say in their child's academic experience and success. And, as illustrated in this article, more and more parents are making this choice.

However, as you navigate the educational options for your own child, keep in mind that every school has its challenges. This could include issues with funding, treatment of certain students or employment practices for teachers and support staff.

Specific resolutions can vary based on the type of school involved, so it is wise to consult someone familiar with educational law to help you resolve them, should the need arise. 

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