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Florida sees big rise in graduation rate for students with disabilities

Recently, Florida released statistics on high school graduation rates in the state. The statistics point to such rates steadily trending up.

For example, over the 5-year period going from the 2013-2014 school year to the 2017-2018 school year, the overall graduation rate rose from 76.1 percent to 86.1 percent.

One group of students that has seen a particularly big rise in graduation rate here in Florida are students with disabilities. Over the above-mentioned 5-year period, the graduation rate among such students increased by well over 20 percentage points. Specifically, it rose from 55.1 percent to 77 percent.

So, while there still is a gap in graduation rates between students with disabilities and the overall student body in Florida, this gap has been closing.

What do you think has helped the most in raising graduation rates among special needs students in Florida in recent years? What do you think schools in the state are doing the best at when it comes to special education? What areas do you think it is most important for them to improve in?

Among the things that can impact special needs students’ efforts to achieve their education goals, including goals related to graduating, is how the school they attend acts when it comes to special education. Unfortunately, such students can sometimes encounter problems getting the quality special education services they deserve. Parents of students with disabilities can turn to skilled education lawyers for guidance on what can be done to stand up for their children’s education needs when such problems arise.

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