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October 2018 Archives

Florida parents propose newer laws on after school clubs

Clubs are a great way for high school students to develop their social and intellectual skills. They can make new friends, explore their passions or discover something they never knew they were interested in to begin with. Though there are plenty of athletic opportunities offered at high schools, they are heavily based on a student’s physical ability and skill set. A club can be a great alternative to keep them busy if they cannot or do not want to play basketball.

Student suspended after protests on backpack ban

High school students can find themselves caught between being an adult and being a teenager in school. Finding ways to express themselves and take ownership of their beliefs can therefore be a struggle within the context of school. And in some cases, their efforts result in unfortunate penalties.

Teachers: What to know about defending against false allegations

Accusations of assault by a student of inappropriate or unlawful behavior are devastating for any educator. Such allegations can harm a teacher’s reputation and career, and it can drastically affect a person’s spirit and dedication to the education of young people.