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July 2018 Archives

False assault allegations against teachers have consequences

The relationship between students and teachers is a fragile one; when it is good, it can be very positive. However, if one party crosses a line or does something the other party doesn't like, these connections can become dangerous and possibly unlawful. In some cases, a teacher could wind up accused of physical or sexual assault.

State teachers' unions sue over provision in new education law

This spring, Gov. Rick Scott signed an education bill into law amid controversy that centered in part on a provision involving teachers' unions. Now the Florida Education Association (FEA) and local unions are challenging the constitutionality of that law.

Miami-Dade teacher under investigation for bullying

As a Florida parent, you should expect your child’s teachers to set an example of good behavior to their students. Since schools have a large potential to house numerous bullying cases, it is important to promote a toxic-free environment. Failure to do so can have serious ramifications on your child’s academic and emotional state.