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How AI could help students with special educational needs

The education system is rarely the first to adopt new technological solutions. Often, schools make do with outdated tools, books and resources until money is available to get updates. However, that doesn't mean that advancements in certain areas don't affect schools across Florida. 

For instance, a recent Forbes article highlights various types of changes we can already see in schools as a result of applications using AI, or artificial intelligence. Below, we examine a few of these changes.

  1. Applications that can be easily personalized - Educative apps that utilize AI can be effective at providing a unique (and entertaining) educational experience for each user. This can be crucial for children who learn at different speeds and in different environments. 
  2. Tailoring trainings to a child's interests - AI technology can adapt to the individual user by learning what the child is interested in. Based on this information, it can shape the process to help kids improve in specific areas.
  3. Increasing periods of concentration - One major attribute of AI technology is that it is exciting. It also provides users with new ways of learning. These features can help extend periods of focus for a child who struggles with attention.

Every school is not going to have the latest technology incorporated into their system. However, it is still interesting to see how schools are taking sophisticated technology and adapting them in ways to benefit students.

This can also be a reminder of how vital it is to ensure a school is collecting and using funds appropriately, especially with regard to students with special needs. If this is not happening and a student is not receiving the support and resources he or she requires, then it may be necessary to consult an attorney who can resolve any issues that could be standing in the way of the education a child deserves.

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