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April 2018 Archives

Challenges arise when students with IEPs break the rules

On this blog, we often discuss the challenges students and their parents face when school administrators or teachers fail to comply with the rules established in a child's Individualized Education Program. But failure to follow the rules happens on both sides. 

How AI could help students with special educational needs

The education system is rarely the first to adopt new technological solutions. Often, schools make do with outdated tools, books and resources until money is available to get updates. However, that doesn't mean that advancements in certain areas don't affect schools across Florida. 

Helping students with histories of trauma excel in the classroom

Students with histories of trauma can struggle to be successful in the classroom. Unfortunately, a number of educators are not trained to help students who have been traumatized. But this may soon change. Recent school shootings are shifting the way that schools approach trauma and more districts are asking what they can do.