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National protests have support, to an extent

Today, students across the country will be participating in a National School Walkout to honor the memory of the 17 people killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School almost a month ago. The walkout is also one of protest, with students and supporters demanding action from lawmakers to pass measures that can prevent similar events in the future.

Regardless of how individuals feel about the walkout, it can spark some issues when students or their parents have different opinions than the school. This dynamic can cause some problems that can persist long after the walkout has ended.

Students' right to protest

Many schools support students who choose to walkout, and they are even taking measures to ensure the walkout is safe and organized. However, other schools will issue penalties for participating students. This could mean an unexcused absence or even suspension. 

As this CNN article notes, students do have the right to protest, but there are schools that strictly prohibit such action. If a student breaks these rules, then he or she can face punishment.

Setting a precedent

This walkout is not the only protest movement planned in the coming weeks. Additional protests have been planned for March 24 and April 20, which means that the National Walkout Day could set the stage for what to expect in future protests involving students.

When schools, parents and students disagree

There will likely be situations in which schools, parents and students disagree on protesting efforts. Some people will support it; some will be against it; some will request that there be limits placed on who can participate and when. With all the different stances, there is room for arguments to arise.

This is undoubtedly a sensitive issue, and people have very strong opinions that may clash with others' opinions on the nature of the protests and the student participation in the protest. If this clash causes a problem for a student, or if parents feel that their child is being treated unfairly, it may be necessary to examine the legal options and protections that exist in order to identify a resolution.

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