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Accommodations: They only work if schools provide them

Accommodations for students with special needs can be the difference between achieving academic goals and falling short. As parents want their children to be successful and happy, helping them to achieve their goals by securing necessary accommodations is an essential task.

However, securing the accommodation is just one step. Parents should also make sure their child is actually receiving the accommodation. Far too often, this doesn't happen.

For instance, about 60 students with special needs reportedly failed out of a mainstream math class and transferred to a special education math course. The special education math teacher rightfully found this very surprising and looked into the matter.

She found that dozens of the students sent to her class had Individual Education Plans that included a requirement for the student to have an aide. The role of the aides included helping the students stay focused and get their work completed in the less restrictive environment of the mainstream math class.

She discovered many of the students were not actually getting this time with an aide. Without this accommodation, the students struggled to such an extent that they could not keep up. 

Unfortunately, this type of situation is not isolated to one school in one state. Students in schools all across the country wind up struggling because they are not receiving the accommodations and resources they need and are entitled to receive under federal law. This includes students right here in Florida.

If you suspect or know that your child is not receiving accommodations promised in his or her IEP, then it is important that you act quickly to address the situation. If the school does not respond appropriately, then it can be wise to discuss your options with an attorney experienced in resolving special education matters like these.

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