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Clashes between schools, parents of disabled students not unusual

When a school mistreats a student or makes his or her educational experience unnecessarily difficult, parents can become very upset. This is understandable, considering the fact that parents will typically do everything in their power to protect their child.

Sadly, this clash between parents and schools is not uncommon, especially when it comes to the treatment of students with special education needs. To illustrate this point, we can look at a situation in another state involving a mother, her child and a dispute with the school over a field trip.

The mother's claim

According to reports like this one, the mother says her son was unfairly denied permission to attend a field trip because he is disabled and required additional assistance. The Department of Education overturned that decision, allowing her son to attend. However, on the day of the event, the bus taking the kids on the field trip left without her son because he was waiting in the wrong place. 

The school's claim

The school maintains that it did not initially invite the student on the field trip because such events are not part of his Individualized Education Program. The school also says that it communicated the details of when the bus would be leaving with the mother as well as the fact that the bus would not wait if the student was late. 

What we can take from this type of situation

This situation is a reminder that disputes between parents and schools are rarely black-and-white. Both parties have different perspectives and priorities. However, schools typically have significant resources backing their stance in these disputes while parents feel like they fight these battles alone. 

Under similar circumstances, parents often need additional support and legal guidance to correct a situation in which their child was wronged. Speaking with an attorney who is familiar with special education laws and requirements in Florida can help level the playing field and resolve disputes fairly.

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