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3 reasons why it is important to resolve school issues quickly

Any child who requires additional attention or services in school should be able to receive those things. However, far too many children struggle in school because of a lack of resources and lack of compliance with state and federal regulations.

If you have a child with special needs who is not receiving the education he or she deserves, then it is critical to act fast to resolve the issue. Hoping the school will correct a problem on its own or waiting for action can prove to be a costly mistake for at least a few reasons. 

  1. Your child still goes to school. As your situation works its way through the education and/or legal system, your child will likely still be at school with teachers and other students who may be hindering their academic pursuits, as is the case in this story involving a months-long battle between a mother and her daughter's school. Finding swift resolutions can reduce the time that it takes for adjustments to be made to protect your child.
  2. A sense of urgency can drive action. After a decision is made on an individualized education plan, disciplinary measure or other issue, following through right away can be crucial. After a court issues an order, for instance, there is momentum. If there is a loss of momentum because people lose focus or miss deadlines, then it can be even more difficult to achieve the desired outcome.
  3. Delays leave gaps in your child's progress. The longer it takes to secure a resolution, the longer your child can go without the education he or she deserves. This can create gaps that hinder your child's academic goals.

With all this in mind, parents can see why it is so important to address school-related matters quickly and aggressively.

Unfortunately, there are too many situations where Florida schools or administrators delay action because an individual child's needs are not a top priority for them.

To minimize the consequences of delayed or ignored action from educators and administrators, parents can work with an attorney who can drive the issue forward and secure the action needed to protect a student's needs.

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