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January 2018 Archives

Childhood aggression may have a hidden cause

You find yourself at the end of your rope. Your child repeatedly gets in trouble at school and lashes out, perhaps violently, at the slightest provocation. You’ve tried time-outs and revoked their internet or television privileges to no avail. Nothing seems to correct their bad behavior at school.

Florida bill to give bullied students scholarships moves forward

Bullying is a heartbreaking and pervasive problem in schools across the country, and Florida schools are no exception. Across the state, students in kindergarten all the way to high school are injured, threatened and harassed by bullies.

Finders' keepers, loser weepers?

The old English adage that is based on an ancient Roman law still finds a way to make a home within modern society. Children taunt each other on the playground with a singsong version of "finders' keepers, loser weepers!" when they discover something left behind, and the owner is nowhere in sight. As innocent as it seems, keeping a found object that does not belong to you is a form of stealing. (Yes, this includes money).

Parents: Watch for these signs that your child is being bullied

Parents go to great lengths to protect kids from painful situations. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we cannot protect children from every situation that puts them in danger of being hurt. This can be especially true if parents are not aware of any risks in the first place.

Don't forget this critical piece of your child's IEP

Individualized Education Programs are critical tools to ensure students with special needs get the attention and services they need in the academic setting. The plans typically specify any classroom accommodations that your child needs, annual education goals and details on the services he or she should receive from school educators and administrators.