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Florida public school teacher accused of assault

Middle school is a time of high emotion and the testing of many boundaries. Young people are learning how they fit into society, and that can often be traumatic and frustrating. This frustration can extend to the teachers when student behavior becomes disruptive. In one Florida public school, that tension apparently came to a head, and one teacher is facing serious accusations.

One seventh grade student in the room had apparently had negative interactions with the teacher in the past. For example, witnesses say the student pumped too much liquid sanitizer into his hand, and the teacher took his wrist and made him shake the excess into the trash can. The incident in question occurred when the student repeatedly asked to be excused to the restroom, and the teacher refused permission.

The teacher, a 20-year veteran in education, followed the student into the hall and allegedly pinned him against the wall by placing her hand on his chest. Other students watching from inside the classroom say she held him so that he couldn't get away. The student's mother, who was not present during the incident, accused the teacher of assault and contacted police about the incident.

Florida police arrested the teacher and charged her with battery. She now faces a criminal trial and the likelihood of losing her job if she is convicted. In such situations, a public school teacher's rights may be overlooked in favor of protecting the child. Because of this, those facing charges of assault against a student would be wise to have experienced legal counsel.

Source:, "Police: Teacher assaulted kid who used hand sanitizer, wanted to use restroom", Dec. 22, 2017

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