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5 Signs of a Great Online School

Are you looking for an exceptional online school for your child? You're not alone. Enrollment at online schools has rapidly increased during the last decade. While some families have had great experiences with online schools, others have run into serious problems that jeopardized their children's ability to graduate and earn a valid diploma. Here are five signs of a great online school, and a few tips along the way to avoid questionable online educational institutions.

Well-Developed Learning Resources

Are there easily accessible support resources that help you use the online school? Robust academic and technical support is needed to be successful in online education. Delays in student access to the learning tools and resources they need hamper the education process.

Contact With Instructors

Whether students go to a brick and mortar or online school, automated learning tools are essential. However, they're no substitute for adequate contact with instructors. To make sure that your child can expect instruction and help from teachers, ask the school about the design of the coursework and instructional time. Ask if you can visit a virtual classroom to get a feel for teacher contact.

Full Accommodation

A great online school offers full accommodations for students whether they are gifted or have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). A school should be enthusiastic about making sure your child's educational needs are met by customizing programs and offering meaningful enrichment options.

Established Reputation

Look into the reputation of the online schools you're considering to get a well-rounded view of the institution. How long have they been in existence? Has the school won any awards or distinctions that prove their quality? What percentage of alumni go on to college?


If a school lacks accreditation by a valid organization, just walk away. Accreditation issues can make it difficult for your child to get a valid diploma for their hard work. Make sure that the endorsements listed by the school are legitimate by double checking the validity of the authorization associations themselves. Also, confirm the existence of the school on the association's member list.

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