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Survey: Stress, mental health challenges high among today’s educators

It appears that feeling a lot of stress at work is pretty common among today’s teachers.

A recent survey polled educators on issues related to stress and mental health. The survey results indicate that finding work to be “often” or “always” stressful is something that 61 percent of educators and school staff report.

Why do you think work stress is so high among teachers these days?

Experiencing high amounts of stress from work can have many impacts on a teacher, both when it comes to their personal life and their career. For one, it could have ramifications on their mental health.

The recent survey suggests that there has been a major increase in teachers experiencing difficulties regarding mental health lately. Among the things the surveyed educators were asked about was whether they felt that their mental health had been “not good” at least seven out of the last 30 days. Well over half, 58 percent, said that they did. This is way up from a similar survey from 2015. In that survey, only 34 percent of polled educators reported experiencing this level of mental health difficulties.

One wonders what kind of role workplace stress is playing in this trend of increases in mental health challenges reported by teachers.

What do you think should be done to help reduce workplace stress for teachers? What things do you think can most help teachers when it comes to coping with stress?

As this survey underscores, in today’s world, teaching can have a fair amount of stress that goes along with it. Now, there are some things that could add quite a bit of additional stress onto a teacher’s plate. This includes legal disputes with their school district or with parents. Such disputes can regard very impactful matters, and what happens in them could have significant long-term ramifications for a teacher. Given this, a teacher may have a lot of worries about their future when such disputes come up. Skilled education attorneys can help teachers with taking steps to protect their rights and future in such disputes, and can provide them with experienced and understanding support throughout the course of these impactful and sometime stressful legal matters.

Source: USA Today, “Survey: Teachers' mental health declining amid job stress,” Greg Toppo, Oct. 29, 2017

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