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Lawsuit cites bias against men in student suspension

Sexual assaults on college campuses across the country are pervasive and indeed troubling. In fact, according to statistics from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, about 20 percent of women and over 6 percent of men are the victims of sexual assault while in college.

However, despite the fact that this issue is widespread, schools still struggle when it comes to taking appropriate action to address sexual assault on campus. Some facilities fail to investigate claims properly; others hand out overly harsh and unfair penalties without sufficient evidence. In either case, legal action may be the only way for those affected by these situations to secure a fair outcome.

Protecting victims and wrongfully accused

Schools have a duty to protect students and to investigate thoroughly claims of sexual assault. In many cases, sadly, institutions fail to do this. Countless school administrations have been accused of covering up misconduct, ignoring complaints and failing to follow through with penalties.

This has created an environment where students feel ignored and discriminated against. 

Enforcing fair penalties

However, there are schools that swing too far the other way. They hand out overly harsh penalties, even when there is no reason to support such action.

For instance, one man filed a lawsuit saying his school unfairly suspended him in light of wrongful groping allegations. He says that the school decided to "make an example" out of his case, even though there was insufficient evidence and corroboration. 

In similar cases, schools face complaints like reverse discrimination against men accused of assault and/or accepting an alleged victim's accusations as fact. These decisions, it has been argued, has led to damaging and unfair consequences.

Finding the balance

Schools are expected to investigate every allegation of sexual assault thoroughly and utilizing an impartial process. If there is proof of misconduct, penalties should be fair and unbiased. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and students can wind up paying a hefty price for faulty and/or discriminatory procedures.

If your child is involved in allegations of sexual misconduct in college, then it is crucial that they receive a fair outcome. If this does not happen, it may be necessary to legal action to protect their emotional, personal, academic, athletic and professional futures. 

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