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Is my child safe on the school bus?

When you sent your child off to school on the bus for the first time, you might have felt both pride and fear. This first step of independence naturally creates some separation anxiety for many parents. After all, many parents are able to recall their own experiences on the school bus, some of which may not have been pleasant.

Luckily, there are several rules in place to keep buses secure. The law holds school districts responsible for certain aspects of bus transportation, according to the Florida Administrative Code. Their primary task is to keep up with bus maintenance and develop emergency plans.

In addition, school districts must properly train employees on proper conduct. Bus drivers and attendants have to be aware of the rules they must follow. The district’s director of transportation should speak with them about how they can help students during the route to and from school.

Bus drivers must pass various inspections before being recommended to the school board. These include drug testing, a basic medical exam, and the commercial driver’s license exam. Drivers also complete several hours of employment training.

School districts are not liable for some actions of these individuals, however. For example, a bus attendant in Polk County was caught abusing a student on the bus security camera. In addition to losing her job with the district, the attendant now faces criminal charges of child abuse.

A good way to keep your child safe on the bus is to ask them about their experience and report any concerns. When you entrust your child to another driver, you should be able to have confidence in their well-being. Between poor bus management, corrupt employees, and cruel bullies, numerous factors could impact how your child feels about school. If you suspect that someone has harassed your child on the bus, you should contact an education attorney as soon as possible to defend your child’s rights.

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