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Bill regarding school bullying proposed in Florida

Certain things can pose barriers to a child's ability to succeed at school and get the high-quality learning experience they deserve. Among these is . So, how schools here in Florida address bullying can be remarkably impactful. So too can what rules and regulations the state has related to school bullying and what options are available for victims of bullying.

Recently, a bill has been proposed which would make some additions to the state's laws and rules on bullying. The bill would put some new options in place for victims of bullying.

The bill would give a couple of additional options to parents of bullied public school students who are unsatisfied with how their child's school responded to the bullying. As a note, these options would only be available if the bullying has been reported to the school and at least fifteen days have passed since the reporting. The two options would be to:

  • Have their child transferred to a different public school.
  • Request a scholarship for their child so their child could attend a private school.

These new rules would go into force for the 2018-2019 school year if the bill were to become law. The bill is expected to soon go before a state house panel.

One wonders, if this bill were to become law, what impacts it would have regarding students and the issue of bullying at schools here in Florida.

What sorts of things would you like to see Florida add when it comes to its rules and laws related to school bullying?

Source: WWSB, "Florida House of Representatives consider 'Bullying' Bill," Nov. 5, 2017

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