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November 2017 Archives

Lawsuit cites bias against men in student suspension

Sexual assaults on college campuses across the country are pervasive and indeed troubling. In fact, according to statistics from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, about 20 percent of women and over 6 percent of men are the victims of sexual assault while in college.

Is my child safe on the school bus?

When you sent your child off to school on the bus for the first time, you might have felt both pride and fear. This first step of independence naturally creates some separation anxiety for many parents. After all, many parents are able to recall their own experiences on the school bus, some of which may not have been pleasant.

Is special education falling short in preparing students to go out into the world?

One of the things parents hope their children’s education at school will do is help prepare their kids to succeed out in the world. Statistics raise some questions as to how effective special education here in the U.S. is at doing this for special needs students.

Bill regarding school bullying proposed in Florida

Certain things can pose barriers to a child’s ability to succeed at school and get the high-quality learning experience they deserve. Among these is being bullied. So, how schools here in Florida address bullying can be remarkably impactful. So too can what rules and regulations the state has related to school bullying and what options are available for victims of bullying.