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Cyberbullying prevention steps parents can take

Children can be greatly harmed by bullying. So, bullying prevention is incredibly important. The month of October is specially focused on spreading awareness of the importance of such prevention. That is because this month is the home of the campaign National Bullying Prevention Month.

So, this month can be a good time for parents to review some of the actions they can take to try to protect their children from bullying. One form of bullying which has become increasingly present in the lives of students lately is cyberbullying. A recent Florida Today article went over steps parents can take to try to help keep their child safe from cyberbullying. Such steps include:

  • Setting rules for your child on technology use.
  • Staying aware of your kid’s internet, smartphone app and social media use.
  • Talking to your child about the importance of acting in a safe and careful way online.
  • Explaining to your kid the consequences improper technology use can have.

Parents may wish to keep their child completely protected from cyberbullying and other forms of bullying. The sad reality though is that there are limits to the protection parents can provide on this front. There currently is no way parents can keep their kids completely safe from bullying out in the world.

So, even parents who are very vigilant in taking cyberbullying prevention steps regarding their children can end up in the heartbreaking situation of finding out that their child has been the victim of cyberbullying or other hurtful conduct at the hands of their classmates.

When a parent discovers that their child has been subjected to cyberbullying or other bullying at school, one thing they may care about greatly is ensuring that proper measures are taken at the school to help put a stop to the situation. Sometimes, parents encounter difficulties in getting their child’s school to take such measures. Skilled education lawyers can advise parents who have run into such challenges on what steps they can take in response to help safeguard their child’s well-being at school.

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