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October 2017 Archives

Special-education-related guidance documents rescinded

Among the things that could influence how school districts act when it comes to special education matters is what the federal government has said on the matters. There are many issues related to special education that the federal government has laws and rules on. The federal government sometimes issues guidance documents on these laws and rules. These documents are typically aimed at providing explanations of what schools and school districts are supposed to do to comply with these laws and regulations.

Education and the amendment process for the Florida Constitution

There are many rules here in Florida regarding education. Some of them touch on what rights students, teachers and parents have. Others deal with what obligations and requirements schools are subject to. Understanding what such rules apply to their situation and what the rules mean for their options can be very important for a parent or teacher when they are in a dispute with a school district. So, these are among the topics a parent or teacher may wish to discuss with an experienced education lawyer when such a dispute comes up.

Are “intensely segregated” schools becoming more common in Florida?

We live in a state which is growing in diversity. One would hope schools in the state would embrace this diversity and that all students in Florida, whatever their race and background, would be able to enjoy a high-quality education environment. Unfortunately though, concerning race-related issues can sometimes come up in connection to schools.

Cyberbullying prevention steps parents can take

Children can be greatly harmed by bullying. So, bullying prevention is incredibly important. The month of October is specially focused on spreading awareness of the importance of such prevention. That is because this month is the home of the campaign National Bullying Prevention Month.