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Teacher pay in the U.S.

How does the U.S. compare to other countries when it comes to teacher pay? A recent Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development report suggests it's something of a mixed bag. The report was on education issues and looked at OECD members (the U.S is a member) and certain partner countries.

On one hand, the report found the U.S. to be among the countries at the top for starting teacher pay. It found the average starting pay for elementary school teachers here in America to be around $42,500. This is over $10,000 higher than the average among OECD countries.

However, the report also pointed to the U.S. being among the countries at the bottom when it comes to how teacher pay compares to the pay of similarly educated professionals. According to the report, in the U.S., average teacher pay comes in at a little under 60 percent of the pay of such professionals.

So, teachers can be in a very different financial situation than similarly educated professionals here in the United States. This can raise some special concerns for teachers. For one, it could make financial shocks particularly impactful for them.

Among the things that could lead to financial shocks for a teacher are allegations of misconduct. Such allegations could lead to a teacher facing civil, administrative and/or criminal proceedings. There are a range of significant financial impacts that could come out of such proceedings.

So, their financial well-being is among the things that can be at stake for a teacher when facing misconduct allegations or other complex legal issues related to their career. Skilled education lawyers can provide teachers facing these impactful legal matters with guidance on what steps can be taken towards protecting their professional and financial well-being when navigating such matters.

Source: The Washington Post, "Teachers in U.S. paid far less than similarly educated professionals, report finds," Valerie Strauss, Sept. 14, 2017

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