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Some school districts turning to technology to fight cyberbullying

Technology has led to many changes in the lives of students. Unfortunately, these changes can expose students to some risks. This includes the risk of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying can take many forms. In any of its forms, it can cause great harm to students. So, a parent can feel very worried and heartbroken when they find that their child has been exposed to such hurtful conduct by classmates. Upon making such a discovery, they may wonder what they can do to protect their child from being further harmed. Skilled education attorneys can give Florida parents whose children have been exposed to cyberbullying or other bullying at school guidance on what steps they can take in response to the situation and on what rights they have when working with their child’s school to try to help keep their child safe.

There are a variety of methods school districts have turned to in their attempts to address the problem of cyberbullying. Some are turning to technology to try to combat this technology-centered problem. This can be seen in what a school district in another state has recently done.

The district in question is in South Carolina. It has started utilizing an app and website program called QuickTip to try to encourage the reporting of bullying, including cyberbullying. Students, parents and others can anonymously report cyberbullying incidents to school officials through the app and website. When making a report of a cyberbullying incident through QuickTip, individuals can attach links, screenshots or videos related to the incident.

App/website-based cyberbullying reporting tools are something some other school districts are also using in the battle against cyberbullying.

How effective do you think these sorts of programs are at helping curtail cyberbullying? Would you like to see use of such programs become common among Florida school districts? How big of a role do you think technology will come to play in fighting cyberbullying at schools?

Source: International Business Times, “Cyberbullying App: School District Urges Students To Anonymously Report Harassment,” Benjamin Fearnow, Sept. 6, 2017

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