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Social media at school

Social media plays a big role in the social lives of students these days. It could also have the potential to play a role in their education. There are various applications social media could have in classroom lessons. Recent research suggests that incorporating social media into such lessons could potentially help students with learning.

As part of this study, researchers developed methods for incorporating social media use into lessons regarding certain aspects of the scientific process. The lessons were on scientific argumentation. This curriculum was used in certain Midwestern schools.

The study looked at how the testing results and reported confidence levels regarding scientific argumentation of the kids who were taught using this curriculum compared to their peers who didn’t. It found that the kids taught using the curriculum showed signs of having better learned scientific argumentation than their peers.

One wonders what other types of lessons social media will be found to effective in helping teach in schools. How prominent of a role do you think social media will play in classroom lessons in the future?

With social media potentially being poised to have a growing presence in the classroom, there are certain things it is important to note. One is that, while there can be benefits to social media’s presence in schools, it can also give rise to challenging situations for students and teachers. Students could face cyberbullying through social media channels. Also, students and teachers could face serious disciplinary measures if they are accused of having used social media in an inappropriate way at school. When any challenging issue comes up for a student, parent or teacher in connection to social media use at school, it can be important to have guidance on what steps, including legal steps, can be taken to respond to the challenge and what legal rights one has when pursuing these steps.

Source:, “Social media helps students learn scientific argumentation better, study says,” Sept. 12, 2017

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