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August 2017 Archives

The shifting of what teaching involves in Florida

What being a teacher here in Florida involves has changed over time. Changes to what teaching involves can come from many things. This includes shifts in education policy at the state level, the rules and requirements at schools, education technology and education and societal trends.

The challenges of transitioning to middle school for special needs students

There are many transitions a child experiences during the course of their education. One of the bigger ones is the move from elementary school to middle school. For any student, this transition can have its difficulties. As a recent article notes, for students with special needs, such as students with ADHD or autism, there can be some particularly significant challenges related to making this transition.

Lawsuits among the options for responding to bullying

It's that time of year again, school is starting up. With the start of a new school year, parents may have many hopes for how the year will go for their child. They may also have some fears. One thing they might be afraid of is that their kid will be subjected to bullying at school.