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April 2017 Archives

How do charter schools differ from public, private schools? -- II

Last week, our blog began providing some basic background information on charter schools for parents wanting more information about the educational choices for their children and the general public, which has seen this issue garner more headlines as of late. We'll continue these efforts in today's post.

How do charter schools differ from public, private schools?

When a parent nears that exciting yet nerve-racking time when their child is poised to make the transition from pre-school to kindergarten, they will suddenly find themselves confronted with a host of decisions. Most importantly, they will need to decide whether they want to send their child to a public, private or charter school.

Bills calling for greater protection of religious expression in Florida schools advance

While much of the dialogue in Tallahassee concerning education has revolved around issues like reform of the state's standardized testing process and, of course, funding, lawmakers have been considering other issues that are decidedly more controversial.