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Tuition requirements based on Florida residency

Any student applying to a state university in Florida must complete a residency affidavit or form. This is done to declare residency in the state in order to obtain in-state tuition prices. The form or affidavit will be reviewed by the admissions office and other staff members to verify residency. No appeals to higher institutions will be allowed.

When determining Florida residency, the admissions office and review committee will take various factors into account. The first of those is what type of student the student is: dependent or independent. This is determined by the submission of the student's tax return for independent or parent/legal guardian tax return for dependent.

The student and/or parent/legal guardian will need to provide the review committee with evidence of legal residency in Florida. This includes a Florida driver's license, proof of purchase of a permanent home in the state, voter registration card, Florida vehicle registration, property tax statement, pay stub from Florida employer or any other form of documentation deemed appropriate by the committee.

The committee will also look at the physical presence of the student (independent) or the parent/guardian (dependent) in the state of Florida. There has to have been a physical presence established for 12 months prior to the first day of residency that is being sought in the state.

The application will also be looked at regarding reason for residency. The student's time spent in Florida at an institution of higher education will not be considered residency, no matter how long the student is in the state. This cannot be counted towards the 12 month requirement in order to receive in-state tuition prices.

Students can also seek reclassification. For example, if a student was classified as a dependent due to tuition purposes, he or she can seek reclassification to become an independent student if he or she meets the criteria. To reclassify, the student must show the required 12-month residency, that residency was not solely to attend school in the state and verification as an independent student if his or her parents are living out-of-state.

Call us to learn more about Florida residency laws for state college tuition. We can also help you with any other education law needs that you may have.

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