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March 2017 Archives

Understanding the law as it relates to student searches -- II

In a previous post, our blog began discussing how even though the protection provided by the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable searches and seizures applies in the public school setting, this protection is perhaps more limited in scope that people might realize.

Update: SCOTUS decides important special education case

Our blog previously discussed how the Supreme Court of the United States was considering Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District, a case examining the scope of the Individuals with Disabilities Act, which makes federal school funding contingent upon the provision of a "free appropriate public education" -- or FAPE -- to all disabled children.

Will this be the year Florida lawmakers address standardized testing?

There's no question that one of the most controversial education issues in Florida has long been standardized testing. Indeed, these tests, once thought to be the catalyst for education reform, have faced considerable condemnation in recent years from both parents and lawmakers alike, with the latter once again renewing the push for meaningful reform.

Understanding the law as it relates to student searches

Thanks to everything from the daily news to popular media, most people have a general understanding of how the law works in relation to searches conducted by law enforcement officials. Namely, that they have to have probable cause and secure a warrant beforehand.

Tuition requirements based on Florida residency

Any student applying to a state university in Florida must complete a residency affidavit or form. This is done to declare residency in the state in order to obtain in-state tuition prices. The form or affidavit will be reviewed by the admissions office and other staff members to verify residency. No appeals to higher institutions will be allowed.