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Has the FDOE made the FTCE too difficult?

Anyone who has made the important decision to become a teacher knows that the road ahead won't be easy in terms of academics, as they will need to devote at least four years to earning the necessary college degree and even more if they would like to earn a master's degree.

They also know it won't be easy in terms of both continuing education requirements and licensing. Indeed, the latter will require passing the Florida Teacher Certification Examination in order to be able to set foot in the classroom, or once established, earn a higher salary.

As it turns out, the FTCE was revisited by the state Department of Education in 2015 in an attempt to have it more in line with previous changes to the standardized tests administered to students and, as a result, made more difficult.

Interestingly enough, after recent reports show that the failure rates on the FTCE are now at an all time high -- up by as much as 30 percent on some portions of the exam -- questions are now being raised as to whether the state, in its quest to recruit only the best teachers, has perhaps gone too far.

Indeed, the high rate of failure is affecting not just established teachers, but also prospective teachers, as both colleges and universities across the Sunshine State are reporting not insubstantial numbers of teaching students earning their degrees, but failing to pass the FTCE, leaving them in a sort of career limbo.

While the FDOE has indicated that this trend of failures was not unexpected and will likely lessen over time, others are openly questioning this logic, arguing that it's only contributing to the already acute teacher shortage and increasing reliance on long-term substitutes.

Still others are questioning the agency's decision to team with a controversial testing company, which oversees everything from administration to scoring.

It will be fascinating to see how this matter unfolds in the near future.

Stay tuned for updates …

Whether you are under investigation, facing sanctions or have questions about a licensing matter, you should seriously consider speaking with a skilled legal professional dedicated to protecting your rights and preserving your teaching future.

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