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February 2017 Archives

What should prospective educators know about the Ethics in Education Act?

While people might prefer to think otherwise, chances are very good that when they were younger, they engaged in conduct that could be classified as perhaps showing a lack of restraint or an absence of judgment. Indeed, it's possible that this conduct even crossed the line from being merely irresponsible to criminal in nature.

Parents claim school applied Florida law unfairly

A lawyer representing parents from seven counties in a lawsuit against the Department of Education wants schools to consider factors other than a score on the Florida Standards Assessment before holding children back from fourth grade. She explained that the law already grants parents the right to ask schools to use other determining factors, but students in Hernando County were not given that option. She hopes that the lawsuit will establish fair and consistent interpretations of the law among all school districts.

Lawmakers will again consider whether to count coding as a foreign language

If asked to identify the core curriculum of their high school years, most college graduates would invariably list history, English, mathematics, science and, of course, foreign language. Indeed, the reality has long been that most colleges and universities either here in Florida or across the U.S. condition admission upon completion of some coursework in Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Russian or another foreign language.

Has the FDOE made the FTCE too difficult?

Anyone who has made the important decision to become a teacher knows that the road ahead won't be easy in terms of academics, as they will need to devote at least four years to earning the necessary college degree and even more if they would like to earn a master's degree.